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Recordings: 2020 ASA Teachers' Workshop

Updated: Jun 25

The recordings from our 2020 Virtual African Studies Association Teachers' Workshop are now published. Not all sessions were recorded. All available sessions are listed below.

To view the accompanying resources provided for each session, click HERE.

To view the full 2020 Virtual ASA Teachers' Workshop schedule, click HERE.

Opening Remarks & Keynote

Teaching About Nubia in the K-12 Classroom (Middle & High School Teachers)

The Role of Illustrations in Picture Books: An Essential Layer of Storytelling (Elementary & Middle School Teachers)

Youth Rise Up Against Climate Change: An Interactive Conversation Across Two Continents (All Teachers)

*The original content of this video was edited due to technical difficulties during the live panel. Those who attended the session might notice slight differences in one of the panelist's responses given that her microphone was not functioning during the panel.

Bringing Historical & Global Context to BLM: Black Lives Matter & Human Rights Movements in Africa (Middle & High School Teachers)

Global Literacy Invitations: Africa Across the Curriculum (Elementary & Middle School Teachers)

The Global Burden of Single-Use Plastics (Middle & High School Teachers)

An Introduction to Africa-Centric Curriculum from the Choices Program (Middle & High School Teachers)

Hip Hop in Africa: Cultural Roots and an Expressive Form of the Youths (Middle & High School Teachers)

Koze! Creole and Colonialism in Mauritius (Middle & High School Teachers)

Introducing Africa, Racial Stereotyping & Environmental Justice (Elementary School Teachers)

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