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Resources from the 2020 African Studies Teachers' Workshop

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Recordings for the workshop are now available HERE. Please find the available resources referenced in each presentation below. The title of each session also links to the session's recording (if available). Not all sessions were able to be recorded.

Session 1: 1:00pm - 2:30pm EST

Teaching About Nubia in the K-12 Classroom

Overview Materials:

Teaching About Nubia
Download • 63.70MB

Materials/Videos that are accessible to students:

Deeper Dive:

  • Stuart Smith lecture at Hutchins Center, "Black Pharaohs? Egyptological bias, racism, and Egypt and Nubia as African Civilizations"

  • "The Goddess Isis and the Kingdom of Meroe" talk by Solange Ashby

  • "Dancing for Hathor: Nubia Women in Egyptian Cultic Life" talk by Solange Ashby

  • "From occupiers to good neighbors" article from LMU in Münich outlining what archaeological evidence suggests and interaction between Nubians and Egyptians in Nubia

  • There are some great children's books written by author Kandance Chimbiri that present an Africa centered perspective on Egypt and Nubia and are really well grounded in the evidence: LINK -The Story of Early Ancient Egypt (ages 7-12, might be good fro 6th/7th grade or a bit younger) -Step Back in Time to Ancient Kush (7-12 again, lots of activities, crossword and other puzzles, and cut outs of a king and queen that you can put different crowns on - very cute and very clever) -Secrets of the Afro Comb (listed as Key Stage 2 in England (7-11), wider in scope but traces Afro style combs across different cultures in Africa, including Egypt and Nubia, through modern Africa and the diaspora, really fun!)

Assassin's Creed Origins, which is set in ancient Egypt, does a really good job of creating a Nilotic environment in Cleopatra's time that is impressive in the way reflects the multi-cultural/ethnic nature of society—and again the Egyptians look like Africans. They have an educational version (Discovery Tour) where you tour around the game world that's really good and might make for a clever way to hook the interest of children. I know some Egyptology professors who use it in their classes, so not sure about grade level—I see it's ESRB rated Teen, but that may be more for the game. Anyhow, it has lots of great information and the PC version costs $20 from Ubisoft

Youth Rise Up Against Climate Change: An Interactive Conversation Across Two Continents

Resource List: A full resource list can be found HERE.

Youth Rise Up_ Teaching about Climate Ch
Download • 195KB

The Role of Illustrations in Picture Books: An Essential Layer of Storytelling with CABA Winners Adrienne Wright and Elizabeth Zunon

Links Shared During the Presentation:

Session 2: 2:40pm - 4:10pm EST

Bringing Historical and Global Context to BLM: Black Lives Matter and Human Rights Movements in Africa

Presentation Power Point: Please download a PDF version of the power point here:

BLM HR Africa.ASOC.Schmidt.11-14-20
Download PPTX • 7.69MB

The Global Burden of Single Use Plastics

Links Shared During the Presentation:

Timbuktu & Timbuctoo: Global Connections Across the Atlantic

Links Shared During the Presentation:

Session 3: 4:20pm - 5:50pm EST

Koze! Creole and Colonialism in Mauritius

Resource List: A full resource list can be found HERE.

Afrofuturism in Literature & Film

What is Afrofuturism? What is Africanfuturism?

Fiction & Other Arts Noted During the Presentation:

Media from the Presentation:

Introducing Africa, Environmental Justice, & Racism

Resource List: A full resource list can be found HERE.

ASA 20 Introducing Africa, EJ, Racism Re
Download • 96KB

More resources from presentations will be posted here as they come in. Please check back for updates. Updated 12/14/20.

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