African Studies Association Annual Teachers' Workshop 2020: Transnational Solidarities

The ASA Outreach Council organizes a teacher workshop that provides educators with resources, lesson plans, and professional development on topics tailored to specific grade levels, subject areas, and curriculum frameworks. The 2020 workshop was held virtually on Saturday, November 14th, 2020. All current US K-14 educators were eligible to register. View the 2020 virtual workshop schedule below. Recordings are now available! Click the link below in the orange box. 

In a context of global struggles for equity, there is urgency to teach about Africa to bring humanity, agency, and accuracy to students’ understanding of the continent and to establish mutual support toward common issues across the Atlantic. The 2020 workshop invited teachers to respond to this imperative through a transnational solidarity lens. Sessions in the four themes explored creative work, diasporic connections, movements for Black Lives, literature and film linking both continents, and local responses to global environmental and health issues, all grounded in a larger context of history. The workshop began with a welcome and introductions and a cultural performance followed by three sessions of five concurrent live presentations. Educators could choose to attend one presentation during each session.  An evening showing of the documentary BlackNBlack closed out the workshop. Our five rooms were organized and color coded by theme:

Black Lives Matter & Pan-Africanism

Ancient, Medieval, and Colonial History

Cultural Studies, Film & Literature

Environment & Justice

Plenary Room

2020 Workshop Schedule

12:00pm EST | Welcome & Introductions from Dr. Carolyn Brown

12:10 - 12:50pm EST | Spoken word performance by Omekongo Dibinga

12:50 - 1:00pm EST | 10 minute break

Breakout into presentations. See schedule below.

Session 1:  1:00 - 2:30pm EST | Choose from the following five live presentations

"Tumi Ma Me Nkorɔfo" “Power to my People”
Teaching about Nubia in the K-12 Classroom
The Role of Illustrations in Picture Books: An Essential Layer of Storytelling 
Youth Rise Up against Climate Change: An Interactive Conversation Across Two Continents
African Creativity and the Arts in the Time of COVID-19

2:30 - 2:40pm EST | 10 Minute Break

Session 2:  2:40 - 4:10pm EST | Choose from the following four live presentations

Bringing Historical and Global Context to BLM: Black Lives Matter and Human Rights Movements in Africa
Timbuktu and Timbuctoo: Global Connections across the Atlantic
Global Literacy Invitations: Africa Across the Curriculum
The Global Burden of Single-Use Plastics
An Introduction to Africa-centric Curriculum from the Choices Program

4:10 - 4:20pm EST | 10 Minute Break

Session 3:  4:20 - 5:50pm EST | Choose from the following four live presentations

Hip Hop in Africa: Cultural Roots and an Expressive Form of the Youths
Koze! Creole and Colonialism in Mauritius
Afrofuturism in Literature and Film
Introducing Africa, Racial Stereotyping & Environmental Justice
Un-teaching Myths of Ancient Africa using the Humanities in Class Digital Library

Closing Session:  5:50- 6:00pm EST | Evaluations in Plenary Room

Evening Session:  7:00pm EST | Showing of BlackNBlack in Plenary Room | View Trailer

Thank you to all of our speakers and participants! We hope you will join us for future workshops. Please visits our Professional Development page for information on upcoming workshops and summer institutes. 

Current teachers could receive a certificate of completion following the 2020 workshop. Professional development points/CEUs were provided by Boston University (MA), UNC-Chapel Hill (NC), and Indiana University School of Education (IN). All participants should have received an email in late November with instructions on receive certificates. If you require a certificate and did no receive one, please reach out to Lindsay Moats a

This virtual workshop was recorded. Available recorded sessions can be accessed by click on the link in the orange box below. 

Teachers who attended the workshop can access presentation resources HERE



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