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Professional Development Opportunities

The ASA Outreach Council Members are pleased to offer a variety of workshops, institutes, and certificate programs for K-16 educators. Browse our highlighted opportunities below or view our Events Calendar for a full list of programs and public events. 

Saturday, October 16th, 2021

9:30am-1:30pm ET


Location: ONLINE

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Centering Africa in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) Education: A workshop for Elementary and Middle School Educators

The sciences and mathematics are fields that have often overlooked the importance of culture and context. This omission has greatly contributed to perceptions that science is an edifice of Western thought without any contributions from the rest of the world.

This event invites educators to think about science, math, environmental science, and literacy as they intersect with African Studies. Stories, and the stories we tell about science and math, will be central. In addition, in this workshop, participants will:


  • Gain insights about African roots of the history of mathematics

  • Explore new tools to teach science with African settings in mind

  • Practice approaches to place-based education in Africa that cultivate environmental inquiry and literacy.

  • Certificate of Participation or PDPs provided

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2021 African Studies Association Teachers Workshop




November 13th,  2021


Details Coming Soon!

At the annual African Studies Association Conference in November, the ASA Outreach Council organizes a teacher workshop that provides area educators with resources, lesson plans, and professional development on topics tailored to specific grade levels, subject areas, and curriculum frameworks.

A Look Back at 2020

The 2020 African Studies Association Conference was held virtually on November, 14th 2020. Take a look back at the 2020 Workshop. Planning for the 2021 workshop is underway. Check back in September 2021 for details and registration.

Fall & Spring Admission

Application Deadlines:

Nov. 15, 2021 (Fall/Winter)

May 15, 2022 (Spring)

The Teaching Africa Teacher Certificate Program at Boston University supports pre-service and in-service K-12 teachers who are interested in engaging with Africa in its global context. This interdisciplinary program prepares teachers to become education leaders and innovators in the teaching of Africa with a globally-minded program that is committed to flexibility in fulfilling degree completion requirements and promoting culturally relevant Africa instruction. Participant teachers take 6 graduate credits in African Studies and join a collegial community of practice to build a curriculum unit on Africa.

Why You Should Apply

You are passionate about global education and African Studies. You seek a specialization that will enhance your teaching career and galvanize your teaching portfolio. You want to address the increasing centrality of Africa in the curriculum and innovate in your practice. The Boston University African Studies Center respects your work and commitment. Whether you are a seasoned educator or are new to the field of teaching, we want to support you to gain access to the tools and curriculum you need. 

For more information and to apply, visit BU's website...

Boston University | Teaching Nigeria in AP COMP GOV: Current Events

January 11th, 2022

7:30pm-9:30pm ET


Location: ONLINE

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This event is offered as a collaboration between Boston University African Studies Center and the Choices Program. Teachers will gain knowledge and practical resources to teach about current issues in Nigeria in AP Comp Gov. Lead Scholar Dr. Nimi Wariboka will present about key events, followed by a presentation of the Choices Program curriculum, Nigeria: History, Identity, and Change.

Certificate of Participation Provided. 

For more information, contact Sean Jacobsen: sean.jacobsen@apcompgov.com.