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Recordings: Cultures, Connections, and Communities: Teaching about the Swahili Coast

This four-session workshop invites educators to reflect on the long history of the East African coast while exploring dynamic tools to bring this content to our students. All resources mentioned during the workshop are listed in the Swahili Coast Resource List. For 6-12 educators. Co-sponsored by Georgetown University and the National Museum of African Art.

Session 1: Innovation, Trade, and Leadership: State Foundings in Eastern Africa – Dr. Chap Kusimba

Session 2: Practices for engaging students and making connections: Lamu and the Swahili – Kristin Strobel

Session 3: Trade, Global and East African Cultural Interactions in the Indian Ocean – Dr. Susan Douglass

Session 4: Engagement with Exhibitions and Resources from the National Museum of African Art – Pier Penic

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