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Recordings: 2024 ISCOG Teachers' Workshop

Updated: Jun 25

The 2024 ISCOG Teachers' Workshop was held on Friday, June 14. Entitled: Repositioning Africa's Place in the Classroom: Educational Strategies and Approaches, the workshop centered around the themes of contemporary African history, literature, fashion, and music. View the recordings, slides, and resources from the workshop below.

Session 1: Decolonizing African History in the Classroom Presenting: Dr. George JS Dei

Presentation Slides Download:

Decolonizing African History
Download PPTX • 644KB

Session 2: Engaging with African Literature in the Classroom Presenting: Dr. Ainehi Edoro

Session 3: Centering African Cultural Expressions and Fashion in the Classroom Presenting: Dr. Victoria Rovine

Presentation Slides Download:

Rovine CenterAfrStudies presentation 24
Download PPTX • 76.09MB

Session 4: Engaging with Contemporary African Music Presenting: Dr. Msia Kibona Clark

Presentation Slides Download:

African HH Ed
Download PDF • 9.98MB

Additional Resources: The Hip Hop African Blog:

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